3 DAYS OF SILENCE “Sodium / Sulfur”
to be released on Vinyl, Tape and Digital in January 2014.

Swiss black/electro twisted metallers 3 DAYS OF SILENCE have just finished mixing and mastering their album at Downtone Studio. They have also recorded the vocals. Their first album feature 2 sides : “Sodium” containing 3 songs electro oriented, and “Sulfur” which contains 4 pure black metal anthems. A big blend of diversity that showcase the huge potential of these guys. 

“There is also a lot of guests on this record :
* Aort (CODE, Blutvial) – lead guitar on S.W. MMVII
* John (Blutmond) – vokills on S.W. MMVII
* Pat (Near Death Condition) – growls and clean vocals on Ask The Dust and Na-tural S-tate
* Vince (ex-Xicon) – clean vocals on White Birds.
* ACid (at Winter Forest Industries) – remixed the song Mortality/Normality

Here is the final tracklisting :
1. Mortality/Normality
2. Ask The Dust
3. Consolamentum

4. Na-tural S-tate
5. Verwüstung
7. White Birds

The digital version of the album will contains 3 bonus tracks.

Check out the song “Na-tural S-tate”