BAK XIII “In Omnia Paratus”
to be released November 22nd 2013.

Swiss “Electro Body Metallers” BAK XIII have finished their new album entitled “In Omnia Paratus”. Again fully produced by Drop. They seem more than happy by the final result and so we are!

The album will be self released on November 22nd, and will be also available on their Band Camp

Here is the final tracklisting :

1.Le Chant Du Cygne
2.Oh No!
3.Happy As Fuck
4.Eternal Joy
5.We Are Alone
6.The Game
8.Radio Star
10.In The Name Of Religion
11.The New Punk
12.The Hard Way
13.Old Time Depression

Also, the band just released a vinly limited to 242 copies, called “Ace of Spades”. The vinly contains the cover of “Ace of Spades” from the mighty Motörhead as well as the previously unreleased “Vanguard II”. Buying the vinyl also give you a code to get 2 unreleased songs from the 2009 “Ibi Deficit Orbis” sessions, recently remixed at Downtone Studio.

Here is a link to buy “In Omnia Paratus” and “Ace Of Spades” : Buy

Check out the song Oh No! taken from their last album :