Mastering is the final step of your production, the step when the same color will be added to your songs and the overall sound will take glue, shape and loudness.

We offer 2 types of mastering:

  • Conventional Mastering
  • Stem Mastering

If you are fully happy with you mix, the conventional mastering will be enough. The stereo mix will be processed to fit the standards of loudness and sound quality, using some treatments as EQ, compression, limiting, etc.

If your mixing process had some problems and that you cannot re-mix your album, or if you want something really important to be added by mastering, the stem mastering might be a really good option. Basically, you will deliver us instrument groups that together sound the same as the stereo mix. E.g. “Guitar Stem, Bass Stem, Vocal Stem, Drums Stem” etc. Mastering this way can render much more than conventional mastering could ever do.

We provide your master files in DDP format (digital Red Book) way easier and safer than the good old masters on CD.

How to deliver :

  • Please ensure that the files you deliver are free of any master plug-in such as limiter, etc.
Please keep a little headroom in your mixes, avoid clipping.
  • If you have chosen the stem mastering, please also deliver a stereo reference mix along with the separate stems. Check that the sum of all your stems sounds the same as the stereo mix. Bounce every stem with a zero starting point.
  • Please listen carefully to your mixes to ensure nothing is missing, or is miss-edited. This will avoid of useless revisions.
  • WAV of AIF format are welcome. Bitrates from 44.1 until 96khz, 16 or 24 bits.

People are often afraid of mastering, to avoid any kind of stress, we are pleased to make a FREE test mastering for you. Feel free to send us a 1min stereo mix and we will make a test mastering (Conventional mastering only).

You can send us material using a hard drive, USB stick, or simply by uploading the files on using the e-mail address we will provide you.