Mixing is one of the most important process of your production. It’s the moment when your songs will be taken to a new level, revealing details and depths you did not even think were there.

At Downtone Studio we prefer mixing on our own for practical reason. For sure you can join in for the mixing process, but it’s way more comfortable to stay at home waiting for mixes that you can enjoy on a listening environment you know and are used to.

We accept individual files with zero-start. Please label the tracks short and clear. E.g. “Kick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom, T1, T2, T3, T4, HH, OHR, OHL, Room, Bass Amp, Guit 1L, Guit 1R, Guit 2L, Guit 2R, Lead Vox, Lead Dub, Backing 1, Backing 2” etc.

If you want us to re-amp your guitars or bass don’t forget to record DI signal of EVERY track, all labeled the same name than the processed one. E.g. “Guit 1L -> Guit 1L DI”, “Guit 2L -> Guit 2L DI” etc.

If you have tracks that are using a certain plug-in, like a synth, always bounce or record them to a new track. Everything should come as audio. We could ask you to provide MIDI export of the synth if you want us to process them on our own plug-ins, but we always ask the audio first.

Always make sure you have done all crossfades before consolidating  your tracks.

Our usual working format is 44.1khz in 24 bit. But we can also work with 48 or even 96khz files.

If you have any doubts feel free to contact us.

You can send us material using a hard drive, USB stick, or simply by uploading the files on www.wetransfer.com using the e-mail address we will provide you.