Studio A

This is the place where recording and mixing are done. Running on Pro Tools HD9, with 4 HD cards (2x 96 / 2x 192), as well as up to 32 simultaneous preamp inputs from brands such as SSL, Avalon, API, EMI, Universal Audio, SPL, Focusrite, and more.

A large choice of guitar and bass amps including; (EVH, Krank, Diezel, Orange, Brunetti, Marshall, EBS, Tech 21, VHT, Randall, and more)

Some of the best hardware compressors from SSL, Chandler, and more.

A large choice of FX and modulation pedals. Our Macintosh MacPro5, 1 Quad Core Intel Xeon, is fully loaded with plugins from: Wave Mercury Collection, SoundToys, Spectrasonics, Camel Audio, Antares, Synchrosoft, Native Instruments, and many more.

The studio’s acoustic treatment was made with only one goal in mind: To offer the highest quality of listening and by giving the illusion of a multiple-sized room. The main speakers are from PSI Audio, made in Switzerland, which for us are some of the best monitors on the market.