We can offer the best outcome for your album, that’s why we highly recommend the full production at Downtone Studio. Out team will ensure that every step (recording, editing, mixing, mastering) is done the best way possible.

The studio has been built to be a perfect place to stay while recording an album. Our wide living room can welcome a full band, and even if not all the musicians will record at the same time, everyone can rest on our comfortable sofas playing Playstation 3 on the big 1m x 2m screen, browse internet or watch TV with the free wifi connection or even get to Geneva’s downtown to enjoy the lake and other beautiful places. About the accommodation, there are several comfortable hotels or apartments to rent around the studio, with reasonable prices.

Even if many musicians will bring their own equipments, we carry a full range of instruments including 1 full drum kit (Tama Starclassic), more than 20 guitars and bass, various keyboards and various percussions. A full equipment list can be seen under GEAR.

Our prices are really competitive, and we manage to put together the most ideal production schedule to fit your budget. Contact us to discuss the best way to make the greatest album together!