3 DAYS OF SILENCE “Sodium / Sulfur”
to be released on Vinyl, Tape and Digital in January 2014.

Swiss black/electro twisted metallers 3 DAYS OF SILENCE have just finished mixing and mastering their album at Downtone Studio. They have also recorded the vocals. Their first album feature 2 sides : “Sodium” containing 3 songs electro oriented, and “Sulfur” which contains 4 pure black metal anthems. A big blend of diversity that showcase the huge potential of these guys. 

“There is also a lot of guests on this record :
* Aort (CODE, Blutvial) – lead guitar on S.W. MMVII
* John (Blutmond) – vokills on S.W. MMVII
* Pat (Near Death Condition) – growls and clean vocals on Ask The Dust and Na-tural S-tate
* Vince (ex-Xicon) – clean vocals on White Birds.
* ACid (at Winter Forest Industries) – remixed the song Mortality/Normality

Here is the final tracklisting :
1. Mortality/Normality
2. Ask The Dust
3. Consolamentum

4. Na-tural S-tate
5. Verwüstung
7. White Birds

The digital version of the album will contains 3 bonus tracks.

Check out the song “Na-tural S-tate”

EVER SINCE “Bring Out The Gimp”
to be released on February 17th 2014 on Mighty Music Records.

Swiss dark metallers EVER SINCE have just finished their new album. They came up with a beast, 9-tracks fully produced at Downtone Studio. This masterpiece will be available on February 17th 2014 on Mighty Music records, it contains the following tracklisting :

1. Bring Out THE Gimp
2. Run
3. Circles
4. No Way Out
5. Step In The Hell
6. Wrong Way
7. 10,000 Feet
8. Prison Son
9. Wake Up

In the meantime check out their song “Bring Out The Gimp”

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